Is The BMW i8 The Future Or Did Tesla Invent Something Better?


It's plug-in hybrid vs. EV technology.

Automakers today know that fuel economy regulations are only going to become stricter in the coming years, hence technologies like electric and hydrogen powertrains, and plug-in hybrids. BMW, obviously, chose the plug-in hybrid option for its i8 high-performance sports car, which is the subject of today's unboxing review. It's very impressive technology and, combined with the coupe's carbon fiber construction and other lightweight components, the i8 is essentially a blueprint for the future of performance. Or is it?

Is there another technology out there that can do the job even better and still have better fuel economy? Simple answer: yes. Tesla has managed to bring performance and zero emissions together along with eliminating range anxiety.

Do cars like the Model S make the i8 look ancient, technology-wise? Not really, but BMW knows that it has to go one step further when the second generation i8 arrives, probably in 2022. But for today we want to discuss more in-depth the i8 that's on sale right now. We love its design, inside and out. Performance is also stellar. Did BMW get everything right here, or would you prefer, say, the Model S, as your eco-friendly performance car? Enjoy the review. Special thanks to Niello BMW-Sacramento for letting us film the car.

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