Is the BMW i8 the Sports Car of the Future?

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Perhaps it really is a concept car you can now buy.

Back in 2009, BMW revealed its Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept, a car that would eventually become the BMW i8. At the time, it didn't seem likely it would reach production, or at least with that futuristic design. What's more, it was a wild display of technology, both in terms of carbon fiber and hybrid fuel efficiency. Jump ahead to today and the BMW i8 is here and on sale. It is the first mass produced plug-in hybrid sports car, but clearly doesn't have the supercar abilities of the Porsche 918.

No, the idea here was to show how advanced technologies can be applied to a sports car that, although at present quite pricey, will one day trickle down to less expensive models. And now XCAR gets behind the wheel of the i8 to prove that hybrid technologies and sports cars go together just fine.

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