Is The BMW M4 GTS Worth Twice As Much As The M3 Competition Pack?


And for what? An extra 49 hp?

Compared to the BMW M4 GTS, the M3 Competition Pack is something of a bargain. For an additional $4,750 over the base $67,650 MSRP, the Competition Pack is a must for M3 buyers if they want a better performance machine. Sounds like a lot of dough, but that package adds an additional 19 hp, more direct steering ratio, an Adaptive M Suspension, and new settings for the Active M Differential. Now, let’s compare all of that to the M4 GTS. It has 493 hp, a big rear wing, and, of course water-injection, there to cool the intake charge of its boosted engine.

The M4 GTS is both impressive and rare, with just 700 examples built worldwide, but is it really worth nearly $135,000 – almost double the M3’s price tag? There’s only one way to settle this question, and that’s a drag race.

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Top Gear did exactly that and, not at all surprisingly, the M4 GTS won. Thing is, it was not a complete blow out as the M3 CP more than held its own, perhaps a little too well for M4 GTS buyers and their wallets. Looking at things from the opposite direction, M3 (or M4) CP owners have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of by saving so much money.