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Is The BMW X7 A Massive Luxury Bargain?

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We compare it to the 7 Series sedan to find out.

The BMW X7 was recently revealed in all its gargantuan glory at the 2018 LA Auto Show and now that the details have been announced we can see how it stacks up to its competitors both inside and outside of the BMW stable. Seeing as BMW insists on calling its entire SUV range SAVs or Sports Activity Vehicles, they can happily claim it creates the 'world's most sumptuous Sports Activity Vehicle' without stepping on the toes of other SUVs like the clearly more sumptuous Bentley Bentayga.

In fairness, the Bentayga kicks things off at $195,000 while a base X7 starts at $73,900 and at that price point this latest and physical greatest BMW could be a bigger bargain luxury than you might think. Thanks to the X7 configurator going live, we can now dig in to see how it compares across a range of price points.

Up until now the X range of BMWs has offered a dynamic and sporty option for families needing a bit more space than a traditional sedan or wagon with a dash of off-roading ability thrown in. The interiors are not exactly spartan but for real luxury you need to look to the range-topping 7 Series.

The X7 now competes with this luxury limo on interior quality and hi-tech luxuries while offering more space and it still has the ability to head off the beaten track. At $83,650 the base rear-wheel-drive 740i is $9,750 more than the X7 xDrive40i. Both are powered by the same 335-horsepower 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, and if you want xDrive on your 7 Series that will be an additional $3,000.

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Base specification levels do differ slightly, and the 7 Series models give you access to some unique BMW Individual paint and trim options but the X7 counters with a more modern interior including the new Live Cockpit Professional dashboard and the ability to seat up to seven occupants in comfort. Starting at $92,900, the 456-hp X7 xDrive50i and $96,950 7 Series 750i are a bit more closely matched. But the gap widens to $7,350 between them if you tick the xDrive box for the sedan.

Options for the two are not directly comparable as the 750i offers some unique features such as electrically reclining rear seats and footrest as well as an executive lounge rear center console for $5,750. The X7 xDrive50i counters with a more impressive Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof for $750 and a $2,950 off-road package.

Both models offer rear electric side window shades and can massage and ventilate the front occupants as part of the Luxury Seating Package (X7) or the Executive Package (7 Series). The amazing Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System is a $3,400 option on both. Pick every package available and the 750i balloons by $31,650 while the X7 adds $13,750 to its base price, although it's worth noting that part of this is down to the extra options available on the sedan.

The extra heft of the X7 does dampen its acceleration compared to the 7 Series but pound-for-pound the X7 makes a strong case for itself. Perhaps this new X model should be marketed more as a full-sized luxury vehicle than the world's most sumptuous Sports Activity Vehicle that BMW wants it to be. The BMW X7 arrives in March 2019 and with any luck, an M Performance variant may be released in due course.