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Is The Cadillac Escala About To Debut?

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Cadillac drops subtle hint in new commercial.

Cadillac launched the XT4 earlier this year, taking the American luxury marque into the subcompact crossover segment for the first time. Now several months later, it released this little promo clip for the new model, but a rather glaring reference in the background has sparked a fresh round of speculation (from our friends at GM Authority, for example) as to what GM's most premium brand could have coming next.

While driving through the streets of New York (where Cadillac was briefly based), the XT4 passed a movie-theater marquee with the name Escala written in lights, with the words "New Arrivals" on the window below.

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Now as best we can tell, that theater doesn't exist. Or, at least, not where the video depicts it, at a T-junction in front of a sign for 8th Street – not East or West, just 8th Street. Only as best we can tell, there's no such intersection, and no Escala theater in New York. But for what it's worth, Cadillac currently has seven essential model lines – ATS, CTS, CT6, XTS, XT4, XT5, and Escalade – leading us to speculate that it could be hinting at an eighth model to come. And our money would be on a new flagship sedan.

As you may recall, Cadillac revealed a concept called the Escala at Pebble Beach a couple of years ago. Despite the similar name to the company's full-size SUV, it adopted the form of a large and elegant luxury sedan, similar to the CT6 that had just debuted a few months prior. Only the Escala concept was billed more as a rolling showcase for the brand's design ethos, rather than a production-preview model. Could that change? We couldn't rule it out. One way or another, we're intrigued, and look forward to finding out what the Art & Science brand might have in store.