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Is the Camaro Z/28 as Good as They Say?

Perhaps it's even better.

Chevrolet really didn’t have to build the Camaro Z/28. It had already proven just how good the Camaro can be with the ZL1. But it built it anyway and we couldn’t be more grateful. What the brilliant engineers at Chevy have done is create one of the most sophisticated and powerful street legal track cars ever. With its 7.0-liter V8 churning out 505 hp, drivers are also treated to a six-speed manual and a suspension system tuned on the Nurburgring.

And yet the Z/28 won’t officially race. As Motor Trend points out, it’s almost as if the car was created specifically for a racing series that doesn’t exist. And that’s too bad because the Z/28 would undoubtedly tear down its Mustang Boss 302 rival as well as many other worthy competitors.

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