Is The Chevrolet Volt The Poor Man's Tesla?


If so, is that such a bad thing?

A source of political controversy when the first generation arrived back in 2011, the Chevrolet Volt, the subject of today's review, has now entered its second generation. GM, once again, has great expectations for it. Retaining its plug-in hybrid electric powertrain, the Volt is kind of a cross between a pure EV and a hybrid. It may not as much fun to drive as a Tesla Model S but it makes the Toyota Prius feel like a sports car. Oh, and because its gasoline engine will recharge the battery once it's drained, range anxiety is eliminated.

It's pretty cool tech and some even consider the Volt to be the poor man's Tesla. That is until the Model 3 arrives. But for now the new 2017 Volt is on sale and carries a decent base price of $35,000.

Factor in a $7,500 US government tax credit as well as state tax credits (depending on which state you live) and you're looking at a really good deal here. But is price alone enough to win over those who refused to even consider a first generation Volt? Perhaps this new Volt is worth a second look. Special thanks to Woodland Motors for letting us film the car.

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