Motor Show

Is the Chicago Auto Show Really Necessary?

Opening less than a month after Detroit, is Chicago just a regurgitated NAIAS?

Don’t get us wrong. We love a good auto show. There’s nothing like a few days in a convention hall crowded with enthusiasts, scantilyclad models and a plethora of cars: fresh models, concepts, even new mods and trim levels. Any car-lover will remember his first motorshow like a first trip to Disneyland. Butthen there’s Chicago: just a few weeks ago, Detroit's NAIAS brought us firstunveilings of cars like the F-150, Corvette Z06, Lexus RC F and more.

These production models were joined by exciting concepts, likethe Toyota FT-1, Infinity Q50 Eau Rouge and Kia GT4. Now, the displayswere packed up and moved to Illinois for a leftover meal. A few years ago, whenDetroit was collapsing and depression seemed imminent, Chicago tried to stealDetroit’s thunder by getting the NAIAS to move there. Having failed at that,the most exciting prospects for Chicago 2014 attendees is perhaps the newSubaru Legacy, a first viewing of the BMW 740Ld xDrive and the new LincolnNavigator. If the Windy City wants to keep up with Motor City, it better stepup its game and get manufacturers to take it seriously.

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