Is The Chrysler 200 The Best Midsize Sedan From The Automaker?


Or is it just a good rental?

Chrysler isn't an automaker synonymous with build quality and style, but the 2016 Chrysler 200 looks to change that. In its Limited form, the midsize sedan is fuel-efficient, comfortable and has all of the latest vehicle features. Compared to last year's model, the 200 Limited gets an upgraded cloth interior, aluminum-trimmed accent panels, a back-up camera and more. With a starting price of $21,995 and with a fuel economy rating of 23/36 mpg city/hwy, the 200 is a great vehicle for driving everyday. Check out the 200 Limited's excellent features below.

With its good looks and comfortable interior, the 200 is more than a vehicle to rent.

You can also explore additional options for the best midsize sedans.

A.J. Mueller, FCA US

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