Is The Continental GT V8 S The Best Bentley Ever?


Well, that's a matter of opinion.

Bentley's are often typically thought of as big, heavy, and quite expensive. Those assumptions would all be correct. But Bentley today is making various attempts at giving itself more of a performance edge as opposed to an all-out cruiser. Enter the Continental GT V8 S. It obviously doesn't come powered by the ludicrous W12 (which we love), but then again it doesn't really need to. Picking up right where the standard Continental GT V8 leaves off, the V8 S adds more power, a slightly lowered ride height, better brakes, and a more supercar-like feel.

Consider it the middle, angry, but more talented brother of the three Continental GTs' engine options. Is it a Ferrari California T competitor? Perhaps it's gunning for Aston Martin Vantage V8s and the Porsche 911? Most certainly. XCAR takes this big, bad ass Bentley coupe out for a spin.


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