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Is the Dinan BMW 1M Coupe Better Than the Old M3?

It'll cost you an additional $20k to find out.

BMW is far from stupid. It knows how to protect its most popular and signature models. Porsche does exactly the same with the 911 and Cayman; the latter has the potential to be a far better car. When BMW launched the now discontinued 1 Series M Coupe, it deliberately held it back so that it wouldn’t step on the M3’s toes. But aftermarket tuners didn’t have that problem. Dinan, arguably one of the finest, if not the best, BMW tuners out there, also tackled the 1M.

The result was a 450 horsepower Dinan BMW S3R 1M. We’ve gushed about it before, and that it’s totally worth its $70k price tag, and now Matt Farah gets behind the wheel for his take. The greatest BMW since the E30 M3? Quite possibly.

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