Is The Dodge Charger Pursuit the Coolest Looking Cop Car?

Consider its competition and come to your own conclusions.

We’re used to seeing cop cars being given the typical suspension and electronic upgrades. But what about a cop car powered by a Hemi V8? Ford’s Interceptor doesn’t even come with a V8. The Chevy Caprice PPV? It does, but the Dodge Charger Pursuit’s V8 is even more powerful. And, according to Motor Trend’s Justin Bell, it’s also tons of fun to drive. Perhaps a career in law enforcement is something we should have considered after all.

Where else can one receive high speed training (and actually put it to use) in a Hemi Charger and get paid for it? And yes, you’d be serving the public. It’s really a win-win. Check out this latest video featuring a test drive of the Hemi-powered Charger Pursuit. Not a bad ride indeed.

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