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Is the Dodge Viper a Good Investment?

A stock 90s era Viper costs less today than you'd think.

For the record, we’re talking about the Dodge - not the SRT - Viper. The rebranded latter is still way too new to be considered a collectible, although it’ll surely be one day thanks to too many "save the planet" types getting their way with new emissions regulations. But that’s another issue entirely. Right now, however, may be the best time to invest in what remains to this day one of the coolest cars America has ever produced. It turns out that Dodge Vipers could well become valuable collectors’ cars in the very near future.

A quick search on eBay found that a stock 1994 Viper RT 10 hardtop with only 7,645 miles on its clock can be had for just under $31,000. Seriously. Even a long time Viper owner and expert is saying that now could be the best time to buy an older model. Tempting, isn’t it?

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