Is The Dodge Viper ACR Cheaper Than A Corvette Z06?

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Pricing just announced for the new supercar.

Less than a week after officially announcing the Viper ACR Dodge is revealing just how much its new track-focused supercar will cost. To get your hands on one of these rides you'll need to pony up $122,490, which includes a $2,100 destination fee and a $2,495 gas guzzler tax. This puts the ACR at a little more than $10,000 past the Viper SRT GTS despite the two trims sharing the same engine. Remember that Dodge didn't modify the ACR's engine.

The extra cash goes towards new body and suspension mods, along with custom tires, better brakes-basically anything that's not under the hood is new. A price of $122,490 puts the ACR in murky territory as it's more expensive the top-tier Z06. That being said it does have a bigger engine, an 8.4-liter V10 compared to a 6.2-liter V8. The Z06 does deliver more horsepower (650 hp to 645 hp) and torque (650 lb.-ft to 600 lb.ft) than the Viper. But, hey, the ACR looks damn cool and is purpose-built to hug the track while still being able to run errands around town.


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