Is the Ford Fiesta ST the Answer to Your Adult Problems?

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No, this isn't just some puff piece for Ford. So back off, haters.

Becoming an adult sucks. It's just a fact. Bills, work, family, and responsibility in general certainly can take a toll on having fun. So that got us thinking. With all of those adult hassles, wouldn't it be great for every gearhead to have a car that'll remind you of the joys of driving and life in general? And shouldn't said car be affordable, easy to maintain, big enough to fit groceries, a baby or two, and perhaps even a dog no bigger than, say, a golden retriever?

Fortunately such a car exists, and you can buy it right now. Yes, because you read the title above, you know what car we're talking about. The Ford Fiesta ST is, to summarize, a damn fine example of brilliance. For a base price tag of just over $21,000, you can get yourself a hot hatch with 197 horsepower coming from a 1.6-liter turbo four, a six-speed manual, and 17-inch alloys. Spend $1,995 more and you'll get yourself Recaro seats. Even if you were to add up every optional feature available, you'd still spend less than $27k all in. And really, most of the extras Ford offers are nothing special, unless you want a roof-mounted ski/snowboard carrier for $209, for example.

But stuff like that isn't required for performance. In fact, it'll even slow you down, aerodynamics and all. So say for just over $23k (Recaro sport seats are what we'd add), the Ford Fiesta ST is the hot hatch every working young adult gearhead deserves. And for the record, this isn't just some puff piece for Ford. We just like the Fiesta ST an awful lot. So back off, haters.

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