Is The Ford Focus RS Overhyped?


Is it just another hatchback?

Ford has created some incredible hatchbacks recently. The Ford Fiesta ST and Focus ST are arguably two of the most capable, affordable sports car on the market and both have the added benefit of being able to carry important things-like groceries. But the Fiesta ST is the obvious choice for enthusiasts, while the Focus ST is a little bit of a letdown. With its latest hot hatch, the Focus RS, Ford enters new territory in the US. But let's be honest, $35,000 for a hatchback is a lot of money. Especially when a Mustang with a V8 can be had for the same amount. So is the Focus RS all hype?

It only takes a few minutes of this review to see how much fun the Focus RS is. Heck, it even pops and bangs like a real rally car.

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