Is The Jeep Renegade The First Car Designed Solely For Millennials?


It's a real Jeep on the trails but fits in well at Starbucks.

The latest batch of college graduates has hit the job market to try and make their way in the world as full-fledged adults. Naturally this means that a car purchase will soon be in order, but what to choose? Here's an option: Jeep's newest vehicle aimed squarely at youth who have demanding schedules and enjoy spontaneity. Its dimensions are perfect for parking in the big city while a short wheelbase, tall ground clearance, and a four-wheel-drive system mean that the mini Jeep can actually do some serious off-roading.

Check out our walkaround video to see more details about the Jeep Renegade.

True to its name, rebels will like the car, especially with its unconventional yet attractive interior. Those who graduate from both college and their first clunker will appreciate the leather seats, Beats audio system, easy to use infotainment system, removable roof panels, and a few extra amenities like heated seats and a back-up camera.

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