Is The Kahn Design Vengeance What The DB9 Should Have Been?

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It's kind of a moot point now, but still!

Even though it's being phased out in favor of the faster and twin-turbocharged DB11, the Aston Martin DB9 still has some life left in it. While its creator may no longer have any use for it, the pretty 2+2 grand tourer is a mighty fine platform to spin another sports car off. How do we know this? Because the British custom car builder Kahn Design has unveiled its DB9-based WB Vengeance at this year's Geneva Motor Show, threatening to show Aston Martin a thing or two about building a handcrafted, V12-propelled luxury GT car.

For starters, it has a friggin' awesome name; anything called "Vengeance" automatically sounds epic to us. It's also not too much of a jump from another certain Aston Martin model with an aggressive nameplate. Likewise, the styling is of particular note as well. The broad flanks help give the Vengeance an especially imposing presence (the "WB" abbreviation does, coincidentally, reference the wide body coachwork), and the overall design was allegedly inspired by the "silhouette of a saber tooth on the prowl." How Kahn Design knows what a fanged prehistoric cat look like when it's closing in for the kill is anyone's guess, but it sounds pretty cool on the press release. Perhaps it ties into the chrome, toothy front grille design?

Kahn Design hasn't released any official performance stats for the WB Vengeance yet, though we'd be surprised if the car doesn't have similar numbers to its namesake. For reference, in its fastest and most potent GT guise, the 540 hp DB9 could reach 60 mph from a standstill in 4.4 seconds and top out at 183 mph. It certainly needs to be fast, considering the Vengeance costs more than $400,000. That said, you do get a fair bit for your money. Buyers of the WB Vengeance not only get this breathtaking GT, but will also be invited to attend preview events for all future Kahn Design models, and will get priority placement in the waiting list when putting down orders. All of a sudden, the WB Vengeance comes across as fairly good value for money...

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