Is The Kahn Vengeance Even More Striking In These New Images?

DB9-based coupe comes one step closer to reality.

Aftershowing you some early sketches of A. Kahn Design's Aston Martin DB9-based"WB12 Vengeance" just a few days ago, the UK-based firm has justreleased new 3D renders of its coach-built model. And though one-upping Aston's original design is somewhat challenging, we think these photosprove just how stunning this car will be. With the DB9's mechanicalunderpinnings fully preserved, Azfal Kahn says this retro-styled coupe will combine modern engineering and his own "unique style" with an homage to the Aston's classic design.

Kahn says he has retained every aspect of the underlying car "from thecrash structures to airbags." That means it will be powered by the DB9's6.0-liter V12, producing 510 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque and mated to an automatic transmission. Unlikeprevious attempts by designers like Henrik Fisker and his Thunderbolt project,Kahn claims he has Aston's approval for the project. His philosophy – at leastwhen it comes to mechanics – is "why change perfection?" But do theliberties he has taken with the design complement that outlook, or should he havestayed away from fixing something that wasn't broken?

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