Is the Lexus CT F Sport the Coolest Affordable Hybrid Today?

Hybrid technology doesn't necessarily mean the car is dull and boring.

Let’s face a few facts here. With gas prices soaring and government emission regulations getting stricter across the globe, automakers are increasingly going with hybrid technologies. Heck, even Ferrari has opted to add some lithium-ion batteries to its latest hypercar creation, the LaFerrari, in order to achieve both maximum performance and efficiency. But just because the Toyota Prius gave hybrids a bad name amongst enthusiasts doesn’t mean that all hybrids can’t be fun.

One example of a fun-to-drive yet affordable hybrid (unlike the Ferrari) is the Lexus CT F Sport. It’s definitely not a supercar, but this five-door hatch with Euro influenced styling more than satisfies professional racing driver Justin Bell. Perhaps it's time to give hybrids like this one another look.

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