Is The Lexus LFA Successor Happening With Help From...BMW?!

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There's a logical reason why.

Last winter we were told that Lexus had no immediate plans to develop a successor to its V10-powered LFA supercar. That was then and plans change. According to Australian publication Motoring, an inside source claims that that BMW-Toyota partnership is apparently expanding. Both see the need for a new supercar but want to avoid the massive expense involved. The solution is obvious. Toyota/Lexus simply want a new supercar that carry on the LFA tradition of awesomeness.

BMW, on the other hand, is tired of Audi having something that it doesn't: a mid-engined supercar, like the R8. Supposedly, both automakers "have jointly built a prototype in a mid-engined layout with full-time AWD." The next LFA could get a similar powertrain to what's found in the new Acura NSX; a gasoline engine paired to electric motors. Only that engine could be a detuned version of its Le Mans TS040 race car's 3.7-liter V8. Total combined output could potentially hit 1,000 hp. As for the BMW, a bespoke M-developed straight-six twin-turbo with plug-in hybrid tech provided by Toyota is being tested. If this is all true, when will the cars debut? The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

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