Is The Lincoln Continental Concept A Bentley Design Rip-Off?


Bentley's chief designer says so.

Take a good look at the new Lincoln Continental Concept. Now, look at the Bentley Fly Spur? Notice any design similarities? Whether you do or you don’t is one thing, but Bentley’s chief designer certainly does. According to Car Design News, Bentley design boss Luck Donckerwolke stated that Ford crossed the line with its new Lincoln concept, now on display at New York. According to a post on his Facebook page, Donckerwolke commented that “I would have called it Flying Spur concept and kept the four round headlights.

I thought this was only done in China? Finally a Bentley for the masses’ though…” And it didn’t stop there. Donckerwolke then rhetorically asked on Lincoln design chief David Woodhouse’s Facebook page “Do you want us to send the product tooling?” That comment was apparently quickly deleted, but the point was made pretty damn clearly. Donckerwolke told Car Design News that “This behavior is not respectable. Building a copy like this is giving a bad name to the car design world.” Bentley exterior design chief, Sangyup Lee, described Lincoln as “a joke” and that it “is very disappointing, especially for an exclusive brand like Lincoln.”

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