Is The Lykan Hypersport More Than Just A Wonderful Fantasy?


Yes, and it's just the start of things to come.

On paper, the Lykan Hypersport sounded spectacular. It may have spent six years in development, but the car community was left reeling when “Arabia’s first supercar” appeared seemingly out of nowhere back in 2013. We were told by its creator, Dubai-based W Motors, that only seven were to be made, each costing $3.4 million, featuring things like diamond encrusted LED lights, a gold-plated hood, a carbon-fiber chassis, gold-stitched leather seats and "fully functional holographic display with interactive motion."

Needless to say, a few eyebrows were raised after reading that. Companies such as RUF Automobile, Viotti, Studiotorino, Magna Steyr Italia and ID4MOTION all had a hand in the Hypersport’s creation. This then wasn’t a car simply for show. The Lykan is said to hit 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 245 mph. Its extreme looks are backed up by extreme performance capabilities thanks to a mid-mounted twin-turbo flat-six engine producing 750 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque. However, instead of seeing those numbers being put to the test, over the past two years, stories have included hearing its exhaust note, appearing in showrooms sporting its eye-watering price tag, and starring in Furious 7.

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But not once have we come across a test drive of the car, or any in-depth analysis from a third party. So we reached out to W Motors CEO Ralph Debbas to find out why that is. The main problem, Debbas revealed, is that the company’s show car, dubbed “prototype zero,” has not been engineered to the same level as customer cars. So a serious test drive would not do it justice. Debbas says the Hypersport show car is now back in Dubai, after spending a few weeks in the US, and that we are welcome to come and try the car out. Watch this space for that. So how many of the cars have been sold? Debbas assured us that five of the seven cars have found buyers, with the first model to be delivered at the start of next year.

After strong demand, W Motors will also be showcasing a model at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March with partner Magna Steyr. Speaking of future plans, the mild-mannered CEO also revealed next month will see the unveiling of the firm’s next model: the Lykan Supersport. Debbas says the car will be more accessible than the Hypersport with 25 units to be made annually. In 2016, the Hypersport and Supersport will be joined by an SUV. The third model in the lineup will debut at the Beijing Motor Show in April. Only 100 units will be made each costing around $300,000 and Debbas says it will be "the fastest SUV in the world.” Take that Bentley!

While the Lykan Hypersport has remained somewhat of an enigma, its purpose has now become clear. The car’s ultra-exclusivity has kept us wanting more. Appearing in the highest-grossing car movie of all time also didn’t hurt its reputation. Not bad for a company that has yet to deliver a single car. With more accessible models on the way, the carmaker with style to burn will start having to back that up with substance. We look forward to sampling the goods.

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