Is the McLaren MP4-12C Spider Open Top Perfection?

"This is a bloody serious automobile."

McLaren chairman Ron Dennis is a perfectionist. Whether it’s his F1 racing cars or road cars, Dennis is adamant that drivers are to have the very best in terms of technology and performance. When it came time to design the MP4-12C a few years back, engineers developed both coupe and spider at the same time; there was to be no drop in performance once the roof got chopped. The final result is a folding hardtop supercar that’s unlike almost anything else on the planet in terms of being a daily supercar featuring F1 technologies.

Its biggest rival? The Ferrari 458 Spider. Each car will have its defenders, but there’s no question the 12C is nothing short of thrilling. And today pro race driver Justin Bell gets behind the wheel of a bright orange 12C Spider for a little track day fun. Only now we want to see a direct match-up between UK and Italian supercar spiders.

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