Is The Mercedes-Benz SL Completely Pointless?


Its not a bad car, but it has become irrelevant in the Mercedes line up.

This week's episode of Motor Trend's "Ignition" featured the face-lifted Mercedes-AMG SL63. Hosts Jason Cammisa and Jonny Lieberman start off their review by driving the original 300SL roadster to see how the car has changed over the years. Amazingly the duo reaches a familiar conclusion. A few months ago we published our opinion on the updated SL, basically saying that Mercedes had made the car irrelevant by adding new models like the S-Class convertible and AMG GT.

Now it looks like MotorTrend has reached the exact same conclusion. The hosts say that the AMG GT is more of a spiritual successor to the original SL, and the S-Class convertible would be a better convertible for a retired person. We aren't saying that MotorTrend stole our ideas, but clearly great minds think alike.

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