Is the Mini Rocketman Back on the Agenda?

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Sadly, we've heard this all before, with nothing to show for it.

Back in 201, Mini revealed its Rocketman Concept at the Geneva Motor Show. It was, and it still is, the best interpretation of the original Mini that was in production for decades. This concept truly is mini, very much unlike the new 5-door that's about to hit dealerships. The third-gen Mini has grown considerably as well, and many brand purists want to see a return to form. But Mini has repeatedly been reluctant to build the Rocketman because it'd be expensive to develop a small platform for just one model.

However, a new report from Auto Express claims the Rocketman project is apparently back on the agenda. Mini head of design, Anders Warming, stated that Mini is keen to do a new small city car, and the Rocketman would be an appropriate solution: "At the moment, we don't have the right tech solutions, but we are working on it." Mini is also rumored to be seeking a technical partner to jointly develop a new city car platform. If the Rocketman project does come together, don't expect to see production begin before 2016.

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