Is the New 2016 Audi Q7 Better or Worse Looking Than the Current Q7?

Audi's new flagship SUV has debuted, and not everyone is thrilled with the styling.

By now we’ve all seen Audi’s redesigned SUV flagship, the 2016 Q7. Some absolutely loved it. Others despised it. A few common complaints pointed out the new Q7’s almost hearse-like side profile styling. Some went as far to claim it looks too similar to the Honda CR-V and even the Dodge Journey. That new front grille is pretty much a love it or hate it deal. However, reviews were mostly all positive for the new interior, something that Audi always does very well.

The new Q7 is still a technological and mechanical improvement over its predecessor, thanks to a new platform made from high-strength aluminum and carbon fiber. The new engine lineup, consisting of gasoline and diesel offerings, is equally impressive. But still, it’s that exterior design that’s bothering most. We’re still undecided about it, so we’ve put together a comparison gallery for a closer examination. Have any of your opinions changed since last Friday? Is the outgoing Q7 better-looking? Is its successor a design fail? Or will the new Q7 just take some getting used to? Let us know in the comments.

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