Is The New Acura NSX The Hypercar For Those On An Audi R8 Budget?

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Hypercar technology? Check. Hypercar price tag? Negative.

Regardless of whether you like its styling, the new Acura (or Honda) NSX is packed with advanced technologies that are more typically found in million dollar plus hypercars. Honda's engineers deserve every bit of praise for developing these technologies that Carfection, in the upcoming track drive review, delves deeper into during their time behind the wheel. We know that many out there think the new NSX bears too much of a resemblance to the Audi R8 and, in some ways, they might be right.

Both are mid-engined but they each follow two very different styling languages. But a technology comparison between the two will reveal that it's the NSX that's a better preview of the future of high-performance cars. It's still quite different, however, than the BMW i8 in that it has many of the same technologies found in hypercars. Seriously.


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