Is The New Audi R8 Really That Much Better Than Its Predecessor?

Supercars are all about progress.

When Audicreated the R8, it wasn't just trying to build another supercar. The automaker wanted to pay homage to its Le Mans victory back in 2000. The resulting effort ended up becoming one of the most beloved supercars of all time. Ithad the rare ability to do everything well. But times have changed since the R8 first debuted and there are now faster, moreprovocative supercars on the road. So does the new R8 have what it takes touphold its sensational history? Evo tested the new Audi R8 V10 Plus to find out.

With itsnaturally aspirated V10 pushing out 610 hp and its price tag of roughly$220,000, the new R8 is undoubtedly a supercar. Watch the video below to see ifthe new R8 has the same magical feel as the previous generation.

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