Test Drive

Is The New Bentley Bentayga Any Good To Drive?

With a price tag of $229K, it should be.

Say what you will about the Bentley Bentayga’s looks—it’s an ugly vehicle—the SUV is still a Bentley. That means the luxury SUV needs to be refined, quiet and opulent in every way. It's not enough to be the fastest SUV in the world for the luxury brand. While we expected the Bentayga to be enjoyable, we never expected the SUV to be as enjoyable as Auto Express claims. The automotive outlet claims that the Bentayga is nimble, agile and extremely enjoyable to drive on winding roads. And then there’s the amazing cabin that is incredibly luxurious.

They say the Bentayga is also a beast when it comes to off-roading. If true, it seems like Bentley has created one heck of a SUV for wealthy enthusiasts that enjoy driving.

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