Is The New Mansory Model S The Best Looking Tesla Yet?

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Subtle but aggressive.

German auto tuner Mansory has just unveiled is freshly modified version of the Tesla Model S. We have to say, for Mansory, this particular vehicle is surprisingly low key compared to other cars that they've laid their hands on. For example, the Mansory tuned Aventador, Torofeo Lamborghini Huracan and Vivere Bugatti Veyron look far more menacing compared to the relatively tame look of this Tesla. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean to say that this kit isn't stunning, because it absolutely is.


The main tell-tale Mansory signatures on the exterior are the slightly more aggressive looking body kit and bright green accents featured around the car and lining the wheels. The interior also features the same bright green color lining the dash, steering wheel, panels and leather seats. Additionally the front end has a bold looking front fascia with LED daytime running lights. Overall we love the look of this Model S and are curious to see if Mansory will add anything to increase the Tesla's performance in the near future.


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