Is the New Mini Cooper 5 Door a Worthy Clubman Replacement?

Goodbye, Mini Clubman. You were so under appreciated.

Mini (aka BMW’s front-wheel-drive hatchback division) has just released a ton of new photos of the 2015 Mini Cooper 5 door. Yes, that means it’s time to say goodbye to the Clubman. And we’re not too happy about that. Nothing more than a stretched Mini Cooper, the 5-door features three rear seats thanks to an expanded wheelbase by 72 mm. There’s more headroom, foot space and legroom than the three-door, obviously.

But unlike the Countryman, based on the previous-gen Mini, the 5-door has no off-road capabilities (not like the Countryman is a Jeep fighter or anything). The Clubman, unlike this contraption, had personality. It was unique. Its suicide door looked great and the rear barn doors further added to the car’s style. But Mini has ditched all that for something that’s not even mini. The 5-door is a big sucker. Not only is it longer, it’s also wider than the already too big third-gen Mini three-door. So is the 2015 Mini Cooper 5-door yet another example of how Mini has lost its way? Or is it good business sense? You be the judge. We just want a production-spec Mini Rocketman.

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