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Is the New Mini Cooper Too Big and Too German?

Classic Mini lovers are almost certain to hate it.

Compare today’s Mini Cooper with the original. Not all that much in common, is there? Other than its signature styling, the latest Mini looks absolutely huge when parked next to its namesake. That’s because it is. The growth spurt began with the first-gen reborn Mini back in 2000 and it hasn’t stopped. Classic Mini enthusiasts, more often than not, can’t stand today’s car. It’s just too big and too German they say. And they’re totally right.

But that’s exactly the point. BMW is now the owner of Mini, so it’s adapted the iconic car to today’s market, for better or worse. This is why a production Rocketman is needed. But for now the guys at XCAR take the new Mini Cooper S and D out for test spins, and they can’t help but compare the S to the Ford Fiesta ST.

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