Is The New Porsche 718 Boxster S Really Worth Its $86,000 Price Tag?


And a base 911 Carrera costs only how much more?

For the first time in its history, the Porsche Boxster, now called the 718 Boxster, is turbocharged. The naturally aspirated flat-six is gone, aside from some future high-performance editions like the next GT4. To compensate for the loss of those engines, Porsche has graced us with a 718 Boxster S that's not only more fuel efficient but also more powerful. That's a good thing, right? That's what we wanted to find out when we shot our latest unboxing review video. Oh, and it's very expensive.

Like $86 grand expensive. To compare, a base 911 Carrera starts at $89k. After spending some time with it we have a feeling that Porsche enthusiasts may not be so happy about the latest engineering evolution. How come?

Because the turbocharged flat-four's torque peaks lower in the rev band than it did in the previous engines. To compare, in the previous Boxster S the rev band peaked at 4500 rpm. Now it peaks at 1950 rpm. Still, the new 718 Boxster S chassis is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. It's still the benchmark. But will that be enough to make up for the engine change? Special thanks to Sonnen Porsche for letting us shoot the car.

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