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Is the New Subaru WRX STI Legend Material?

The only way to find out is to get behind the wheel for a proper spin.

Without question the Subaru WRX STI has a devout following. You don’t have to be a professional rally racer to appreciate everything this car is capable of. If you’re looking for a reliable, all-wheel-drive high-performance sedan at a reasonable price, then the WRX STI fits the bill perfectly. Over the years, the WRX STI has proven itself time and again, and styling bits such as its massive rear spoiler have become its trademark.

And now that an all-new generation has been launched, it’s time to determine not only how it compares to the competition, but also to its acclaimed predecessors. Does this latest Subie live up to expectations? Is it better for you to shop around for a used older model? The crew from EVO get behind the wheel to find out.

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