Is The New 'Top Gear' Already Off To A Bumpy Start?


Sounds like production isn't going so smoothly.

The news coming from the set of the new "Top Gear" is not good. Fans of the show have feared that it would be impossible to replace the original trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. So far, fan predictions have been pretty spot on. Anonymous sources are reporting to the Daily Mail that production of the show has been hit with several setbacks. BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw is reportedly "meddling" too much with the show and the new production team apparently doesn't "know anything about cars."

Amidst all of the production issues, the BBC seems to lack confidence in the show's new lead presenter, Chris Evans. He reportedly crashed a Jaguar during his first run around the test track. While Chris Harris and Sabine Schmitz both have racing experience and are set to costar with Evans, BBC management is nervous that the pair are not well-known enough to draw in viewers. Luckily, former F1 driver and new co-host David Coulthard doesn't cause the same amount of worry. The BBC denies allegations that writers from Top Gear magazine needed to be brought over to the set to suggest ideas of what to film. Again, all of this is just speculation from sources who'd prefer to remain anonymous. Still, it sounds damn bad.

We do know that executive producer Lisa Clark, who Evans handpicked for the job, is quitting. Script editor Tom Ford has also left the show. No matter which way you slice it, the new version of the iconic car show is off to a rocky start. Unlike the BBC, we aren't too worried about the potential lack of star power on the new show. Chemistry, knowledge and driving chops trump all. Besides, were Clarkson, Hammond and May household names before "Top Gear" took off? Maybe to gearheads but not to the world. Gearheads definitely know who Chris Harris is, probably know Coulthard and may have seen a Schmitz video or two on YouTube. Here's hoping the production bumps smooth out, and that Evans keeps his cars on the track.

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