Is The Newest Version Of The Aged Nissan GT-R Still A Game-Changer?

Time does have a way of moving benchmarks a long.

The way to measure a truly game-changing car is to wait a few years for competitors to surface and tech to advance. Then you retest the car and see if it's still a stunner. If it’s anything like the Bugatti Veyron, then the fact that its performance metrics are still so far ahead of the competition is proof alone that it was a disruption to the auto industry. The Nissan GT-R was one such interruption because it had an alluring way of blowing supercars out of the water despite only costing half as much.

Now that Nissan has upgraded the current and aged GT-R before its replacement is out, it’s time to see how the newest edition of the nine-year-old supercar killer stacks against today's advanced standards.

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