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Is The Only Supercar BMW Ever Made Worth This Staggering Asking Price?

Whoever said money can’t but happiness?

A few months ago, we caught a 1981 BMW M1 that was up for sale at just a tad under $500,000. This week, another one ofthese classic masterpieces made its way onto a dealership floor. The folks atFerrari of Long Island were lucky enough to snag what most consider to be BMW’sfirst and only full-fledged supercar. With just 24,462 miles on the clock,this manual transmission coupe is powered by a 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine good for 273 horsepower.

That may not seem like much by modern standards but for the production yearof 1979, when this car was made, that figure is beyond impressive.This jewel of German engineering cannow be had for a cool $600,000. Considering the other options out there for the same cost, the asking price looks pretty staggering. On the other hand, less than 500 examples were ever produced by BMW and these coupes almostalways increase in value year after year. This could be a smart investment for whoever has the cash and courage. Just don't forget to drive it every once in a while.

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