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Is The Outdoors Prepared For Land Rover's SVX?


JLR's SVO promises a hardcore surprise.

Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations has already churned out some incredible projects – including the F-Type Project 7, Range Rover Sport SVR and SVAutobiography, and the Lightweight E-Type. But now, Car and Driver reports, the division is planning a special project of a nature that is neither uber luxurious nor high performance. SVO's next surprise will be titled SVX and will be focused on hardcore off-roading Land Rover vehicles. This could be a special farewell to the Defender or a unique outdoorsy Range.

According to the report, the vehicles will be inspired by the Dakar Rally and Camel Trophy off-road events. As such, the SVX vehicles should offer a combination of insane off-road performance capabilities and improved on-road performance. Speaking to C/D, SVO chief John Edwards said these SUVs would represent "the third side of the product triangle, and one that we think has got huge potential." JLR and SVO are keeping this project well under wraps, but promise to surprise us with some hardcore performance in the very near future. Stay tuned for more details.

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