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Is the Porsche 911 Targa Worth the Extra Cash?

Test Drive / 43 Comments

If you want a cool roof, retro looks and extra weight, then yes.

Porsche's chief designer has called it the most iconic of all 911s. And now that it has ditched the heavy and somewhat over the top sliding glass roof in favor of a more retro flavored retractable top, the Porsche 911 Targa hasn't looked this good in years. Borrowing a few styling traits of Targa past, this latest model, for all its beauty, comes at a price. Compared to a 911 Carrera 4 coupe, the Targa starts off at $101,600, while the coupe bases at $91k. The Targa also weighs an additional 430 lbs.

So is it worth all that extra cash and weight for that really cool roof? Depends on your budget and personal taste. However, Tiff Needell notes during this test drive that the question should be whether one really needs all-wheel-drive. Because rear-wheel-drive cars, especially Porsches, have improved dramatically in recent years, is AWD worth the extra weight and cash?

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