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Is the Porsche Cayman Better than the 911?

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It's a fact that Porsche has deliberately held back on the Cayman so that it doesn't interfere on the 911's territory.

If you're a Porsche purist, then there's no question the iconic 911 is the only true sports car the brand builds. Yes, the Cayman is nice and all, but it lacks the decades of engineering perfection the 911 has gone through. It's also less powerful. Then again, the Cayman is lighter than the 911 and, more importantly, its engine is in the right place. The Cayman is also better balanced and nimble, and, depending on equipment packages, less expensive than Porsche's signature butt-engined sports car.

On this latest episode of Motor Trend's Ignition series, host Carlos Lago gets behind the wheel of a Cayman S for some twisty road driving. He then hands the keys over to pro race driver Randy Pobst for his opinion on what may just be the best driver's car on the market today.

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