Is The Race-Ready GT8 The Worst Sounding Aston Martin Ever?

Aston Martin’s signature used to be beautiful design and eargasmic sounds. What happened?

Continuing the trend of distilling race cars until they just barley limbo under the threshold of legality is the Aston Martin GT8 Vantage. Rather than take a V8 Vantage and extend its capabilities, Aston Martin has added water to the fire that is the GTE race car which competes in the World Endurance Championship. This is a race car for James Bond’s track days and you’d think it would sound the part. Unfortunately the 4.7-liter V8 that delivers 440 horsepower falls short on the sound aspect, at least if we’re hearing things right.

We're really hoping this is a case of sound distortion on the microphone's end. Listen below and let us know if Aston Martin could have improved the GT8’s engine note.

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