Is The Range Rover No Longer The World's Best Luxury SUV?

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Which British luxury SUV is worth your hard-earned $200,000?

For as long as high-end SUVs have been a thing, few, if any, have come close to toppling the Range Rover off its perch. The likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and even Porsche have tried, but almost each and every time the Land Rover brand has emerged as the overall victor. Now, though, we have the Bentley Bentayga on our hands - which, despite being clearly designed as a luxury product that's almost twice the price of an entry-level Range Rover, is a surprisingly close competitor to Land Rover's best.

Both, for instance, are trimmed to the highest possible levels with soft leathers and knurled metal controls, and each come with supple suspension setups that promise to shelter the occupants from the harshest terrain they'll likely ever be operated on - whether that's on the asphalt or off.

Plus, both vehicles promise to be incredibly quick: the Bentayga has the power advantage, courtesy of a 600-hp twin-turbo W12, though the Range Rover's 550-hp supercharged V8 is brought back into the equation via the Landie being 220lbs or so lighter than the Bentley. As we said, these high-end SUVs are far closer rivals than you may have originally thought, and Autocar puts them both to the test in a head-to-head comparison matchup.


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