Is The Rear-Wheel-Drive Huracan The Ultimate Lamborghini?

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It looks like it on paper.

Lamborghinis of old were mental, deranged and absolutely terrifying to drive at high speeds. Modern supercars from the automaker haven't lived up to Lamborghinis of the past with a focus on sales. The Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 has more than enough power and performance to keep up with enthusiasts, but has been accused of having too much understeer and being too serious. The Huracan LP580-2 plans to change all that by losing some weight, sending power to the rear wheels and focusing on being enjoyable to drive. Has it worked?

EVO got behind the wheel of the rear-wheel-drive Huracan and surprisingly, it's not as fun to drive as a Ferrari or McLaren. Has Lamborghini forgotten how to make scary supercars?

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