Is the Targa the Most Iconic Porsche 911?

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Porsche's chief designer certainly believes so.

Of all the cars on sale today, perhaps none has a more iconic shape than that of the Porsche 911. And within the 911 family, some feel there's one particular variant that's become the most iconic of them all. Talking with Porsche's chief of design, Michael Mauer, at Geneva, he expressed much enthusiasm for the new Targa. When penning its retro-ish look, Mauer clearly took much influence from those original 911 Targas – and not from the sliding glass roof of the previous Targa.

In fact, because the new 991 offers buyers such a large sunroof option on coupe models to begin with, there was really no point in repeating that sliding glass for the newest Targa. But Mauer has particular passion for those original Targas, believing the 911 Targa to be the most iconic 911 of them all. And when you see this latest 911 Targa in person, Mauer's affection for those icons of yesteryear is abundantly clear.

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