Is The TVR Griffith About To Make A Comeback?

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TVR is back in business, and its first new sports car could bring back the iconic Griffith name.

It's been four years since British automaker TVR was resurrected, but little is known about its upcoming sports car comeback. After showing its reborn sports car to potential customers, a recent trademark filing reported by Autocar suggests that TVR could be reviving the iconic Griffith moniker, though other names are also being considered for the production model including an entirely new name for TVR. Griffith remains a "strong contender" however.

If TVR does decide to revive the Griffith name, it will be the first time it's been used since 2002 for a third generation. The name originates from famed American dealer Jack Griffith, and was first used in 1963 on the Griffith 200, followed by the V8 Griffith in 1991. TVR says its new sports car will be a quintessentially British sports car that's "breathtaking in appearance and performance" and offers "incredible value for money." So far, we know the new unnamed TVR will adopt a front-engine setup featuring a Cosworth-derived V8 that will send over 400-hp to the rear wheels through a manual transmission.

It will only weigh 1,200 kilograms, and will hit 60 mph in just four seconds, before reaching a top speed of 200 mph. Over 400 potential customers have reportedly already placed $7,700 deposits on the reborn sports car, which is expected to cost around $111,000 for the limited-edition Launch Model, with a more affordable version to follow. TVR will be building the new sports car at its new South Wales production facility, with deliveries expected to start in late 2018. Those details certainly sound tantalizing, but we'll have to wait until September for the reveal of the new TVR, which could happen at the Frankfurt Auto Show alongside the Mercedes-AMG Project One.

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