Is the Viper TA the Best Driving Car in the Fiat Chrysler Lineup?

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There's a new player in town from Alfa Romeo.

Dodge is pretty desperate to sell Vipers these days. Perhaps that's one reason why it has knocked $15,000 off the price tag. It's really a good bargain for those who, first off, have the $100k to spend already, and want something akin to an analog supercar, which is very much a dying breed. Ferrari hasn't offered a manual gearbox for some time, but the Viper, notably the Viper TA, still has a good old six-speed manual. Granted the Viper isn't perfect. It's not comfortable for long road trips and can be tough to handle.

But it's still a Viper and that means an awful lot. Matt Farah gets behind the wheel of a Viper TA to offer his opinion, but we sadly don't get to see the Viper-Alfa 4C comparison test. You'll need /Drive+ for that.

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