Is The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Still A Stunner With Its Top Off?


At least now the driver can see enough to safely navigate city streets.

High-end luxury cars are designed for two people. The passenger is primary and the driver is secondary. However, once the roof comes off things are a bit different because convertibles are cars meant to be driven rather than driven in. Thanks to X-Tomi Design we can now see what one of our favorite Pebble Beach concepts, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, looks like without its roof. While at the show we made note of the sheer size of the luxury cars in the parking lot and felt pity for the drivers who had to navigate them through tight lots and cramped city streets.

However, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is not a car for chauffeurs. It throws that safety barrier to the wayside by finding enough room for only the driver and passenger, this despite measuring an astounding 18.7 feet. While the elegant looking car features a design mimicking a stretched version of the AMG GT, it must be complete chaos to actually drive the car due to its size. To help (future) pampered buyers not run into peasants and walls, X-Tomi Design has cut the roof off of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept, giving the two-door some real visibility and opening it up to the world. The rendering also offers us some insight into how the Maybach would look if it were painted in the AMG GT R's debut shade of green.

As with the SLS AMG convertible, this version of the Vision 6 Concept loses its gullwing doors, but we think a suitable replacement would be to make them suicide doors like on the Rolls-Royce Dawn. Even the silver trim line that connects the sides of the car with the doors looks to be made to double as front-mounted door handles. Its four-motor 750-horsepower powertrain would make it one of the quickest luxury barges on sale. In either case, we aren't too sure what to make of the loss of the curving roofline, but we're positive that those with the means would spring for the automotive interpretation of the Blue Whale even if it's just for the bragging rights.


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