Is The Zenvo ST1 The Best Thing To Ever Come Out Of Denmark?

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Hot Danish blondes have got some competition.

There's a lot of things we love that we can be thankful to Denmark for. Hot blondes, Carlsberg beer and LEGO just to name a few. However, it's quite possible that the Danish-built Zenvo ST1 hypercar beats them all. Although the Zenvo brand is a little more obscure than other hypercar makers, such as Koenigsegg and Bugatti, the 1,250-horsepower ST1 is every bit as awesome as its competition. In fact, the Zenvo could quite possibly give other more mainstream hypercars a run for their money.

One of these sleek Danish-built beauty's was recently spotted driving around during the recent Top Marques event. Not surprisingly, the ST1 was a serious crowd-pleaser.

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