Is There A Better Off-Roader Than This Highly Modified Wagon?

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Not from where we're sitting.

While the majority of enthusiasts believe that vehicles are more than enough in stock form, there are a few individuals out there that prefer to completely alter a vehicle's characteristics through heavy modifications. Take for example this crazy Subaru Legacy Wagon that's been fitted with a WRX STI engine and a host of off-roading features. While the high-performance engine may not be out of the ordinary, the pickup truck axles, Toyota Supra transmission, 12- and 14-inch ballistic shocks, and massive monster truck tires are.

With only 60,000 miles on the clock, this incredible off-roading wagon is the modified beast that laughs at winter or any other type of off-roading situation. The wagon is up for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $5,000, but doesn't have any offers at the time of writing. After looking over the extensive list of parts on this off-roading Legacy, you can easily see it's worth a lot more than it's current asking price. However, this is a work in progress and no one likes to get their hands on an unfinished project, which may be keeping it back from finding a new owner.

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